Samstag, 6. März 2010

being carl auböck

the name is really written like that:

"carl auböck"

and please not :
carl aubock or  carl auboch thank you!

it is
"carl auböck".

for our friends and customers in the oversea countries ,who have no ö available on their keyboards are welcome to spell it 

"carl auboeck"
 .. that is ok.

for our friends and customers a little guideline to understand the differences between the 5 carl auböcks:

karl heinrich auböck, the founder of the werkstätte was a true karl with a "k" .. the last one. for art history's sake we call him karl auböck I (1872-1925).

carl auböck II (1900-1957) started off as a "karl", but soon found out that the "c" in "carl" suited him better. as a young man he was a weimar-bauhaus student . being a designer and painter he despised all artsy-crafty "kunsthandwerk" including the "wiener werkstätte" taking place in vienna, befriended adolf loos, his work today ranges under criterions of the fine arts . 

carl auböck III (1924-1993) ,a true "carl" and his father and friend carl auböck II.
carl auböck III was both a very innovative architect (HFAIA) and designer all his life , together with his father he developed most of all a number of designs for the austrian neuzeughammer / amboßwerk (flatware patterns #2060 an #2080)  and a great number of models for the werkstätte carl auböck. as a young man carl III befriended charles eames, benjamin thompson, george nelson, victor papanek .. became professor for metal-design on the university for applied arts in vienna till his passing in 1993.

carl auböck IV ( *1954) architect and designer and his son carl auböck V ( *1987, student of architecture) at the last biennale of architecture in venice 2008.